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All You Need to Know For Driving in a Foreign Country

All You Need to Know For Driving in a Foreign Country

Dubai is renowned for its remarkable grandeur and exquisite elegance. Currently, it is one of the most prominent business centers of the world. This seems from its on-going progress and un-rivaled prosperity.  The city has rich travel and tourism industries and undoubtedly by far reckoned as

the city of Luxury.
The city is of such eminence that every person wants to visit it at least once in their lifetime.

You might feel like Alice stuck in the Wonderland while going for a vacation in Dubai, staying in an
un-ventured fantasy with overwhelming beauty and mind-boggling architecture. If you have an international driving license, it is an indispensable asset for you because you will get temporary driving license by just showing it to an authorized service center. You can save quite a lot by hiring from one of the economy car rental companies in Dubai at reasonably affordable rates and drive off to various well-known sites with your family, friends and relatives.

Rent-A-Car companies have a range of numerous types of vehicles available. So be rest assured a car shall be tailored to suit your requirements. You should consider what you will be utilizing your car for and how much space you need. Majority of car rental companies will be able to offer all types of small, medium and large cars as well as estate, SUVs. You can also employ a car from the AAA Cars rental service agency located in Al-Barsha, Dubai.
Dubai is a city that is best experienced on a set of wheels; it wouldn’t be outrageous to say that the city was specifically designed for cars, most of the main roads are maintained in excellent condition and the signage, particularly in Dubai, is well composed and rather easy to keep up with.

Leaving the experience of drifting through Dubai’s clean, wide roads aside.

Dubai is seemingly brimming with new and exciting encounters for a foreigner. These experiences can range from being either incredibly exhilarating, to being incredibly mundane. Driving in Dubai falls somewhere between the two; getting out and about for the first time overseas can be a real thrill because of the windy roads and the mesmerizing scenery which makes driving all the more fun and exciting. Similarly, the traveling experience could prove out to be pinching to a certain extent that it could get infuriating at times as well.
If you do not have right know-how of traffic rules. Since you won’t be accustomed to the new city, you can hire a rent a car in Dubai. Traveling becomes hassle free once you have pre-planned everything. You can select a respected car rental service online so that you may find a good deal as well. Almost all cars come along with GPS navigators. Either way there is a lot of information you would need to know before you get behind the wheels in Dubai.
Some of the things you might want to consider while hitting the road are:

Age Restrictions and Driving Rules in Dubai
One must be at least eighteen or above and in possession of a valid international driving license, a UAE license or from an approved country to be able to legally drive in Dubai. Also, having all the necessary documents for the vehicle, and driving license, accessible at all times is of utmost importance.

Vehicles to be driven on the right side in Dubai. It is prohibited for those under 13 years to sit in the passenger seat, while children of ages of 4 to 8 are required to sit on a booster seat. Seat-belts should be worn at all times and drivers must make use of hands-free sets if talking on their phones.

New traffic signs have been announced for safety and penalties have been introduced for crossing red lights at tram junctions.

It is imperative that all cars are road-worthy, registered and insured. For cars over two years old, a road-worthiness test is required annually. If wishing to drive a privately owned car, having a temporary or permanent license is compulsory.


Speed Limit
All speed limits are marked on the road signs clearly. The speed limit tends to be between 40 and 80 km/h., the limit might vary depending on the type of road and area you’re driving upon. Motorways usually have the limit of 100-120 km/h and the minimum permissible speed is 60 km/h. While in urban areas, the standard is 40-80 km/h. and in residential areas the limit is around 40 km/h.

When driving in a foreign country, the chances of accidents on the road increase dramatically. If you happen to have an accident while driving one of the rentals, the worrisome troubles of police reports and insurance claims is born by the rental agency considering you have all the relevant legal documents.


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