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COS Spring Summer 2017

COS Spring Summer 2017

It’s about ease and utility where soft graphic precision meets modern craft. Soft graphic precision meets modern craft. Transparency concludes with voluminous silhouettes. Introducing the COS Spring Summer 17 collection.

Women. The two-piece is reinterpreted this season. A cotton poplin top with a detachable apron is paired alongside a straight-leg trouser whilst a voluminous bomber cotton silk jacket with elasticated detail is accompanied by steel blue wide-leg trousers. Playful effortlessness is seen with the drawstring fisherman trouser placed next to a voluminous shirt with an updated neckline.

Precision is the principle and characterized with softness, resulting in a modern and crisp approach to draping reinforced on a textured apron skirt mixed with an asymmetric top in khaki.

Colours. A soft, faded tonal palette is punctuated with colors of light – ivory, stone, dove – inspired by James Turrell’s work ‘Within, Without’ evoking light and optical effects. Contrasted with accents of steel blue, slate, and sage a nod towards natural versus industrial becomes apparent.

Fabrics. Finely textured fabrics are juxtaposed with cotton silks creating lightness and confirming a romantic and somewhat nostalgic feel. The concave and convex method forms effortless silhouettes with the support of technical and natural fabrics. A semi-transparent nylon reinforces the idea of an airy, unpredictable state reminiscent of a voluminous parachute.

Accessories. A gold plated amorphous shape jewelry set includes a bar ring, earrings, and necklace. A rubberised folded leather shoulder bag in dark sage compliments the collection. Leather sneakers and sandals feature elastic fastenings.

Men. Simplicity and effortlessness are integral to the variety of the collection. A mid-ankle cropped trouser and oversized short sleeved woven t-shirt in navy provide updated modern ease. While a cropped lightweight wool trouser is placed with a quilted cotton jacket and elongated high-twist cotton jersey top, all in light sage is a modern take on a tailored look where drape and volume are discrete yet distinguished. Timeless tailoring features a micro check wool jacket in gray melange and placed with an updated dropped neck shirt in slate blue.

A translucent nylon lightweight bomber jacket is placed with a single pleat cotton canvas cropped trousers where transparency provides a feel for ease and lightness.

Colour. Earthy hues of pale terracotta and golden brown are combined. Light stone is mixed with navy or slate blue and inspires a mood of nostalgia inspired by Liddy Scheffknecht’s work where there is an interplay of light and shadow.

Fabric. Transparent light weight nylon and airy cotton are juxtaposed with different textured fabrics providing a technical versus natural composition.

Accessories. A khaki green sandal features technical webbing contrasted with a sand nubuck leather one-piece lace up sneaker. Key for the season is the rubberised leather backpack with a velcro fastening.

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