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Funny Man: Kanan Gill

Funny Man: Kanan Gill

What’s better than a room (Wait let me correct that) – a theater full of laughing bellies? Nothing. It doesn’t get better than Kanan Gill performing to a sold out audience who surely got the laugh for every penny spent.

Kanan Gill is shining brightest among the millennials of upcoming comedian Indians. Kanan ( a former engineer) who shot to fame with his YouTube videos covering pretentious movie reviews which he started with fellow comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath (Who will also be performing on April 1st at the same venue – DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates), where the pair offer their hilarious take on old Bollywood movies with some of the videos reaching up to two million views.

The evening started off with an opening set by Dubai-based comedian Sundeep Fernandes. Sundeep like most of us has been in Dubai for quite long to understand that Dubaians (If you don’t get this term – you probably should stop reading now) love a good joke or two on Desi (Uncle or Dad) – in this case – I was totally unashamedly relating it to my dad (Sorry Dad)

Then there was Kanan Gill – who took no time to appear on stage just after Sundeep and immediately pointed out to the girls sitting on the far right back that one shouldn’t buy a gold iPhone cover as it can be easily spotted when you are recording someone. (In this case – no videos were allowed to take back home as souvenir)

Sitting in the first row with my sister right under the stage, Kanan took no time in introducing himself to us and then immediately asked a tall handsome man (Yes that would be me) for his name.

Yashraj, I said – and he had a big smile on his face. I immediately knew where this evening is going to go – Jokes on me for my Indian famous name, I could see Kanan coming up with jokes that were sure to make people laugh. I didn’t mind the grilling – I mean it’s good to be made fun of by a famous comedian. However, the evening just didn’t stop there.

Kanan – still can’t get why Dubaiana would buy Gucci Kids – hilarious pointing out that kids here are so spoiled that they even need to have a go in Gucci pampers. Thank god I didn’t mention that I worked in Retail Marketing – cause that would have been more jokes on me.

Then there was the mugging incident Kanan shared with us back in Bangalore, his hometown. He made fun of himself for riding the scooter slow and accent you use to communicate with the police. Strangely enough, when Kanan asked the audience if they have been mugged, 3 out of 4 audiences which raised their hands should probably stop going to London as they have been mugged there (Kanan asking why everyone is getting mugged in London)

The thing about Kanan is that he is straight up funny – no runarounds just stories from his personal life and picking from the audience. I think that’s what made him so relatable to all of us that evening. Funny, Smart & good singer (Oh I forgot about the singing part)

Gill ended the night by playing his two songs on his guitar – who knew that guy could sing too !!!!! Straight up funny and perfect way to end a great show.

Kanan Gill is part of Laugh – A – Thon presented by Hustle Entertainment 

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