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HUSSEIN BAZAZA FW17 – Fashion Forward

HUSSEIN BAZAZA FW17 – Fashion Forward

FW17 RTW Collection Inspiration



meaning deep red; dye from rubia plant; can also mean ‘angry child’ 

At the very beginning of WWII, in the midst of all the bombings and nuclear holocausts, Akane, rumored to be the most enchanting girl in Japan, was the only survivor left behind after her entire family was manslaughter before her very own sparkling almond eyes.
Heartbroken, homeless, and orphaned, she vowed to avenge all her loved ones’ deaths and began plotting to destroy the enemy’s entire land.

For 365 days, Akane taught herself all kinds of Japanese sorcery, witchcraft, magic and spells. After that entire year, she was finally ready to seek revenge.
As the moon was setting, the rivals’ territory was set ablaze by a monstrous creature with the tail of a dragon but the head of a tiger fuming fire on their aircrafts. The same beast transformed itself into a colossal peacock with sharp teeth devouring each soldier one after the other. Then, shapeshifting into an enormous water creature, their entire land began to slowly sink until it was finally wiped off the face of the earth.
Legend says that all these monsters shared the same pair of sparkling almond eyes – Akane was never to be found again.

The moral of our FW17 collection is all about the power of revenge and the depths one goes to in order to be vengeful.

Our primary color is deep red – as we refer to Akane in its literal meaning, as well as the color of revenge and blood; we also added touches of metallic rose gold hues.

Our inspiration came from the era of the 40s and the 50s, yet we added a modern twist to it. The shapes are mostly classical, but with puffed sleeves, edgy shoulders, and flared skirts.

The fabrics used consist of tweed, cashmere, and knit. Military patterns, intricate embroidery – in shapes of the different monsters in the story, as well as aircrafts used in WWII – and heavy beading can all be admired on our pieces.

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