Hitting up the streets of canada for this summer was a truly wonderful experience but what even made a 15 hour long flight better ? – Cathay Pacific .

Lets Start from the beginning . This summer I went to Canada with a stop over on Hong Kong on the way Back !!! I had never flown over the Pacific ocean side of the world so this was just the perfect excuse with that . Having said that – I remember When Cathay Pacific used to fly to Mumbai from Dubai and I could hear my Aunt say it was one of the best flight and hence she took it all time then . So while on my way Back from Toronto to Hong Kong ( One of the Longest flights ) I selected Premium Economy and here it all began – Not a lot of airline offer this (P.E) but what truly different about Cathay was the service and the beautiful Smiles of the crew that made a long flight so memorable and fun .

The Cathay staff at the Toronto was just super friendly – Then we settled into the 32-seat Premium Economy cabin. Soon after we sat down, air hostesses arrived with a tray of champagne and juices, refreshing and cool scented towels and a cute goody bag containing comfy socks, an eyemask, earplugs, a sachet of hand cream and a toothbrush set.


Let’s Start with the Seat :

The seats in Premium Economy are noticeably bigger than those in normal Economy, and when you’re spending 15 hours sat in one seat, it needs to be a good’un. First of all, the seats are wider, with only 8 seats per row in Premium Economy (as opposed to 10 in Economy), and there are 6 inches more legroom than in Economy. All of which amounts to more room to wriggle around in and get comfy. Also, walls & curtains separate this cabin from the other cabins either side, so you feel like you’re in a private room, unlike the Economy class behind in which you are sat in a large cabin with hundreds of other people. And with a Premium Economy ticket you can take an extra 5 kilos of hold luggage, taking the free limit from 20kg up to a generous 25kg. On this particular Flight I was allowed 25Kgs of 2 bag per person ( Flight From north america )


Dinner time : 

As dinner time came around we were invited to order from a menu tucked into the seat pocket, offering us a choice of starters and main courses and ice-cream for pudding. I had a special Meal ( being Vegetarian ) but my sister did enjoy the meal as she feel sleep soon after that .  Several hours later we sleepily awoke to the smell of breakfast and pushed aside our eye masks. For breakfast we had a choice of an Asian or Western breakfast, which refreshed us and left us feeling ready to start exploring Hong Kong. I’m not normally a fan of long-haul flights by any means, but this time we positively bounced off the plane feeling like VIPs & refreshed not to forget !!

Everything about the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy screams elegance and Comfort , and made a world of difference to our journey to Hong Kong Before Dubai . Oh by the way between meals I settled in to a film. I’d been wanting to see Still Alice and ended up with tears rolling down my cheeks! It’s probably not a great film to watch somewhere in public, but by this point everyone was fast asleep so I didn’t mind my sobbing.

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