So My birthday is right around the corner in June :) ( I don’t mind a June birthday ) Except it’s the summer here and it gets too hot in Dubai . This is my Travel Wish List Before I turn 30 , in no particular order :

1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Australia : Simply, It’s the biggest reef in the world. 2,600km of coral hugging Australia’s east coast, from Bundaberg in the south to beyond Cape York .

2. Roam the Roman city of Palmyra, Syria : Not sure if this will be possible in Near future .

3. Do a bungee jump & Sky Drive  : Hopefully in New zealand & Australia and Not just in Dubai .

4See the Northern Lights. From the norwegian Part of this world .

5. Visit Iceland : My friends couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful this country is last september – upon research it’s definitely on my list .

6. Walk the Great Wall of China : Life – changing walk .

7. Visit Taj Mahal , Agra – India : Already done – 2008

8. Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru : How did those 15th-century Inca architects construct a city of mortarless stone, 2,500m up in the Andes – Will only believe it when I see them .

9 : Visit Israel & West Bank : This should be on my top of my list been wanting to go here for past 2 years. I just can’t wait to dive into the history and see palestine & Israel for myself .

10 . Visit Pakistan &  the Karakoram Highway : One of my classmates from College used to tell me the whole another side of Pakistan , the headlines in newspaper are not to be believed – it is indeed a beautiful country . The Karakoram Highway route wriggles from north of Islamabad to Kashgar in China, and there are plenty of adventures on the way I can’t wait to see .

11.Visit Antarctica : Yes !! this is very much possible – now even with emirates – . Apart from this Organized tours departing from Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina seem to be the way to go

12 . Carnival in Rio de Janeiro : Why not !!!

13. Build Houses Abroad with a charity organization : When the opportunity arises I must !!

14. Attend a Music Festival Abroad : Ultra Music Festival is the dope !!!

15. Live & Work in New York City : Only the Greatest City on earth !!!

16 . Spend a Day on beach at St. martin island : Maho Beach to be exact – it’s known for its unique location right at the business end of the Princess Juliana Airport runway. Crowds gather to watch jumbo jets take off and land.

17. Spend a romantic Week at Fiji : Once I get closer to 30 .

18. Backpack Across South America For 4 weeks : Let’s go & see what’s the deal is all about . Brazil & Argentina are one of my top encounting countries for wishlist .

19. Live at least 6 months in San Francisco : Personal Reasons !!

20 . Tokyo (Japan) & South Korea : 9th Grade History keeps me wanting to visit these countries and plus Asian Food <3 .

21 : Climb Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa : Not one for the indecisive, there are more than 350 routes to the top of Table Mountain – such is the lure of the squat, cloud-shrouded monolith that lords it over Cape Town and the Atlantic beyond. Let’s Climb that Mountain !!!

22. Get close to Mount Everest, Nepal : Given that it’s the world’s highest mountain – an 8,848m behemoth – Everest is surprisingly accessible

23 . Motorbiking or biking in Vietnam : You don’t have to be crazy to want to cycle or motorcycle in Vietnam, but it helps. Ho Chi Minh City is a maelstrom of scooters, cycles and cyclos. If you see a break in the traffic, go for it. Just make sure that the guy with a dozen live ducks hanging off his handlebars doesn’t beat you to it – that’s what I have been told .

24 . Niagara Falls , Canada – Happening this Summer !!! Woo Hoo !!

This is my travel wish List  – What’s yours ?