After the Jan Incident ( I had exited the country on the expired visa and the immigration failed to check it before I left for My spontaneous Vacation on NYE considering I had booked a flight 6 hours before flying – I was Stuck in London for few days until I had to come back on a tourist Visa ) . These days anyone who come to Dubai on tourist visa should exit from Dubai and enter again to get the work visa , (applies to student visa as well ), so the easiest way is to fly to the nearest country, there are many possible countries to fly such as Oman, Qatar or any nearest countries. To fly to any country you must get a visa unless you cannot travel there but special places like Oman & Kish Island do this for visa change .

I would not personally advise someone to take the Kish island Route as it is expensive then Oman ( Yes that’s correct ) & It flies from Terminal 2 .

Sure there are several ways to change or do a “Visa Run” by road , Bus or plane to oman or even any other country of your choice as you would prefer but this is the fastest way to do it .

Here is the best way how to do it  – The easiest/fastest way is to do it by Plane . It’s hassle free & Cheap as well – Considering Return Journey Starting anywhere between AED 250 – 400 . I flew Oman Air for this . Left home in the morning and was back by late afternoon just after lunch .

Oman Air Flies 9 times a day  whereas Emirates Flies 3 times a day .

Read the Article Here to clarify all the Doubts about this .

Quick look: Often asked questions

Q Is it compulsory to exit to one’s home country to change visit visa into employment visa or take a new visit visa?
A No. One can exit to any country of his choice to do both.

Q Can visit visa be changed into employment visa by paying a fee and not going out of the country?
A Yes, it is possible.

Q Can people who come on tourist visas get it changed to employment visa?
A Applications will be approved on a case-to-case bases. As a general rule, it is not possible for tourists to apply for employment visas.